Any Franchise of Vintage IT Solutions can become Vintage IT Solutions Regional center (RC) for their state, Only one thing they have to do, Register & maintain 10+ Active Franchise units throughout that particular state. All the franchise should be under different ownership.


You will Get Royalty on each Students Registration.
All the centers approaching for Vintage IT Solutions franchise, will be kept directly under RC.
Share in Franchise Fee.
Only 1 regional will be Authorized in 1 State/UT.

Franchise Payment Slabs
Payment Options Remarks
Franchise Rs.2,000/- All the Options will be Online i.e.
* Franchise Registration            * Students Registration            * Certificate Verification            * Payments
Only for Computer Education
Regional Centre Rs.15,000/- Franchisee will get the Powers to Activate Other Franchise throughout the State.
Eligibility : At least 10 Active Franchise/centers of different owners. Get royalty income from other centers students. All the centers approaching for Vintage IT Solutions franchise in that particular State, will be kept directly under RC.
Only for Computer Education

RC has the rights to register & support normal Franchise within that particular State. If any recommendation from any other state, only 20% of Authorization fees will be provided. There is no provision of royalty in fees of students from other State.
Note : The RC has to register a minimum of 10 Franchise within 6 Months of its activation.
If any newspaper or other media Ad is published, RC will be consulted before any publication.